Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home a quarter of your heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to save that waste and reduce your heating bills – you can even do it yourself.

Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years, and it will pay for itself over and over again in that time.
If your loft is already insulated, it’s worth checking that you’ve got enough insulation to get the maximum saving. If everyone in the UK installed 270mm loft insulation, we could save nearly £210 million – and almost 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking nearly 364,000 cars off the road.

Traditionally, loft insulation is made from fibreglass, a substance that isn’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Here at DG Energy Saving, we pride ourselves on the use of modern insulation materials, very different from the traditional. Our loft insulation material is a roll of environmentally friendly mineral fibres that is laid in your loft. DG Energy Saving loft insulation installers lay one layer in between the joists, and another layer length ways across the joists.

This means that the insulation is up to building regulation standards, and will last indefinitely, so you don’t have to change it every few years.

There are many benefits to installing loft insulation. Not only will it cut your energy bills and make your home easier to heat, it will lengthen the life of your boiler, by creating a consistent living environment. It can also improve the energy rating of your home.

Will I get Loft Insulation for free?

The funding we are able to secure for you to pay for your Loft Insulation varies with the level of Carbon Emission Savings achieved by having the work done. The survey you have done before installation predicts the expected carbon savings, a figure that varies on a home by home basis.

In some cases the survey will highlight that your funding entitlement will fall short of what is required for the work to be undertaken. Unfortunately this means that without a contribution from you to make up this shortfall we will be unable to proceed with your install as planned. That’s why we may have to ask for a contribution from you before the installation.


On September 11th 2008 the Government announced a range of measures to improve energy efficiency in our homes. One of the measures was to offer half-price loft insulation, regardless of income, with those on benefits and/or over 70 entitled to free insulation.

The measure, part of the Home Energy Saving Programme, will cost UK energy firms some £910m. So how to take advantage? Free call-helpline (0800 731 9477) .